Seniorpreneurs is Changing.

A new Collaboration Place

The response to SeniorPreneurs has been incredible and we have loved working with you all over the past three years. We have been running SeniorPreneurs in our spare time and out of our own pocket as a non-profit organisation but due to the overwhelming demand for our services, we have been working on expanding into a new business we are calling the Fifth Institute.

The SeniorPreneurs meetings will still take place as usual however the newsletter and all other business will be provided by the Fifth Institute. We will be posting the same valuable industry articles as well as original content in the form of videos and podcasts.

The newsletter and Our Stories are free to access.

To Collaborate as part of the Fi community and access:

The Discussion Forum,
Online Information sessions,
Business Directory,
Aggregated Reports 
Curated Articles
Monthly Newsletter

You must join 
We have kept the membership amount low and until 30th June 2017 it is $55pa (gst inc).
1st July it will increase to $99pa (gst inc).

We would love all SeniorPreneurs to consider joining the Fifth Institute network. We are creating a business owner online network and directory in order to make connecting to people easier and providing platform for collaboration in a secure environment.

You are not alone.

Please visit our the website for more information!

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